WEHRMACHT 46 - L'arsenal du Reich Volume 2

WEHRMACHT 46 - L'arsenal du Reich Volume 2

1470/5000 By coll., 208 pages, 21 X 28.5 cm, text in French, Ref 04GER122

Much has been said about "miracle weapons", as visionary for some as fanciful for others, studied or implemented in 1944-45 by Nazi Germany to try to reverse the course of the war. Through the multitude of materials developed urgently by the German research centers for its various branches, it is possible to draw the portrait that would have been that of the Wehrmacht if the Second World War had lasted several months in Europe . This work, which has been done by the editions Caraktère, does not only highlight dozens of weapons, equipment and materials, some unknown, developed for the Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and the Waffen-SS, but it also attempts to present their genesis, their employment doctrines, and the units that would have used them in combat. For the rest of this unpublished study in France, this second volume, devoted to the Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Waffen-SS and weapons of mass destruction, brings together no less than 200 photographs, as well as tactical diagrams, a hundred views of ships, aircraft profiles and submarine plans, 3D illustrations of the Sänger Silbervogel orbital bomber, as well as silhouettes of soldiers showing the combat suits and individual equipment being studied in 1945.

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